casino war from Jeju is expected to rise hot.

casino war from Jeju is expected to rise hot.

Unlike the expectation that the casino industry will stretch with re-opening (resuming economic activities) and opening momentum of the sky road in the second half of this year, Lotte Hotel and Shilla Hotel are taking away and taking away.

From the conclusion, two casino(바카라사이트) companies announced their intention to move to Lotte Hotel, but Shilla Hotel is still in the dark.

According to the industry on October 10, Mega Luccasino moved its business to Lotte Hotel after the suspension of the operation of Jeju Cal Hotel,

The atmosphere between Lotte and Silla hotels is contradictory, as the company also announced that it will move Aramman Casino (Majesta Casino) in the Shilla Hotel in Jeju to Lotte Hotel.

No casino company has yet hoped or publicly announced its move to the Shilla Hotel.

The fire in the casino war set the Lotte Hotel on fire. The Lotte Hotel had Elticajino, but

Lotte Tourism Development acquired the business site and moved to the Dream Tower in Jeju city.

The pride of the Shilla Hotel, where the casino was regarded as the best representative facility in the resort, was crumpled.

Shilla Hotel is planning to renew and attract casino(카지노사이트 ) facilities to resume operations.

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